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Have you ever heard of Creative Bioscience? Well I never had until I was introduced to there amazing line up of products. First and foremost they are a MADE IN THE USA product! I want you to join me and my husband on a 90 day weight loss adventure. Out of all the wonderful products this company offers, we chose their Raspberry Ketone 1234 supplements. This supplement appealed to my husband (whom is going to do the 90 day challenge, as I interview, measure and track his progress) not just because it is all natural, but because of the interesting science of how it is designed to work. He is always cautious to any “rapid” weight loss supplements, diets or fitness routines. Jeremiah is a true believer of actually having to work hard, eat right and do it at a pace that is comfortable to your body. The Raspberry Ketone 1234 is designed to promote fat burning and help fats and sugars pass through your body without being absorbed and stored like it normally would, this is huge to him having a family with a pattern of heart disease. This product has also proved to boost energy as who wouldn’t want extra energy when they are trying to loose weight?


I am excited to offer my support and assistance to my husband during this journey together. I encourage you to check out Creative Bioscience’s website and check out all the wonderful products they have to choose from. We are awaiting the shipment of the Raspberry Ketone to arrive, but when it does you will know!


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10 Ways To Take Your Days At Home From Boring Routine To Exciting & Serene!

Why is it that every morning takes me by surprise  as if I thought it was going to be totally different? The same boring routine, every day. It is almost like I am forced to go through with it like it is a life sentence  After careful reflection on the reasoning to why I have ended up in this almost “by the book” routine, I felt totally out of control, but why? I am in control of my choices what is holding me back? I will tell you NOTHING but myself and lack of motivation. So, lets go over some ideas to spice up your regular housewife, full time mother days and turn them into your own homemade version of a bravo real housewives lifestyle, just a bit more private and minus the drama.

First and foremost, set some goals. Household goals and personal goals that you would like to reach. Abide by them, you must first get control over your house, meaning organization. If you are anything like me you cannot relax in a messy house. Your home needs to be your special resting place not only for you but for your family. Once that is in place here are some easy affordable ideas to spice up your days at home.

Click on the Images below to get step by step instructions!

Idea #1 ~ Get Healthy, Simple Exercise Ideas;

Try this simple workout program suggested by Women’s Health Magazine: Chris Powell, from the ABC hit show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition takes us through a 5 month total body transformation.


Idea #2 ~Start A Beauty Regimen;

Here are a few examples of some great beauty ideas you can do regularly to help you feel better about yourself and your body.

Lemon & Honey, Pore Cleansing, Moisturizing Regimen from Stylebees website  This is something I have personally tried, it is easy and it works!


How about a simple Detoxification Bath, using 2 simple ingredients Epsom Salts & Baking Soda from Healthy Living.


7 Do It Yourself Body Scrub Recipes from Chick Rx, pick your favorite!


Idea #3 ~ Challenge Yourself For Someone Else;

Step out of your comfort zone and try a self improvement challenge, this particular one I am going through right now.


Idea #4 ~ Craft Time, choose a craft that is simple, and beautiful for you or your home.

This simple idea by The Purple Carrot will have guests applauding your creativity!


Or you can try something a little more time consuming like this;

Pick out some affordable frames, and some of your favorite scrapbook paper and frame it for a unique look in any room!


Idea #5 ~ Try A New Makeup Application Method, or Tip;

Try this Nude Smokey Eye Tutorial by Make-Up Artist Me!


Or try out a new nail look, you can do all by yourself!


Idea #6 ~ Create A New Look Using your Hair!

You could go with a look that is up or down, this site has so many to choose from. Try a simple one first then the next week learn a more difficult one!


Idea #7 ~ Start Planning to Create A Special Place Just For You!

Find a spot in the house that you can create a relaxing place just for you to enjoy! Check out this Idea from apprentice extrovert for an outside spot!


Or this idea from the Glass Doctor, simple and easy mess free Bathroom Remodel Ideas! I know I enjoy my time alone in the bubble bath, let make it more relaxing with these ideas.


Idea #8 ~ Whip Up Something Healthy and Yummy!

It is time to try a new recipe, check out this great site for 7 easy healthy slow cooker recipes for your family. I know I love my crock pot but always cook the same things in it. Let’s be adventurous and try something new!


Idea #9 ~ Join A Book Club!

A book club is a great way to learn, and meet new women with constructive communication. This book club Hope For the Weary Mom has caught my eye. I just may try it, check it out for yourself!


Idea #10 ~ BLOG!

Either create your own or Follow some of your favorites. They are a great way to feel involved, share stories from other women that may be in the same walk of life as you. There are many ways to find blogs to follow, you can Google your interests or get on Mom Central for a list and description of hundreds of blogs out there to follow!


These 10 ideas can really help bring some excitement to your days, as well as adding some peace and serenity. I dont know about you but it sure sounds like something I cant wait to wake up to!

If you have an additional idea to add to my list please share it below.

Fear, Faith & A Little Bit Of Caffeine


It’s funny how one venti cafe mocha along side of a Starbucks perfect oatmeal can significantly improve your outlook for the day ahead. After weeks of sickness encapsulating my home I finally have a second to redeem a gift card I have been holding hostage in my purse for so long.  I’ve learned the last couple of years to really appreciate the smaller things in life. An hour I can spend all by myself to write and reflect lately is no “small thing” per say but is so appreciated. I am finding out I struggle in finding a happy medium between “my” time and spending every waking minute with my kids. As a stay at home mom who dabbles a little bit in photography and writing in my spare time I tend to feel completely consumed by my everyday  tasks of housework and caring for my children. This battle I seem to be loosing reminds me of a retreat I went to last year. It was titled “Who’s Holding Your Reigns”, and the speaker was Kim Meeder. In my notes I wrote down a few phrases from her message. One was find an activity that gives you peace, peace with him doing something you love. This would be my writing and photography, both activities that do not cost me a dime to enjoy. So I ask myself, why do I not find time? The second phrase was don’t let Satan steal another day. Wow, that one touched my soul when I read it.  This is exactly what I am doing by making excuses. I have to remember “impossible”  is not in God’s vocabulary, it shouldn’t be in mine either.

It is so crazy how when I am feeling so low I can open up my bible, notes from past speakers, my prayer journal or browsing the internet for inspirational scripture and instantly feel renewed and full of promise. In Jeremiah 29:11 the Lord says “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord ” plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. I must trust in him and put him in control of my life. The only thing I control is my choices, and I must lean to him when making those choices. Fear and faith do not occupy together, therefore if I have fear it takes complete control, in result I am not putting God first.

As I sit here sipping the last bit of my latte left, I have to ask myself if I am taking his advice and putting it in my daily life. Am I seeking him first? Really the bottom line is the trials in our life are really blessings in disguise,  I must embrace every one of them knowing he is in complete control. I encourage you to do the same and take a minute alone to reflect on what is important in your life and ask yourself if it should be.

~ Jennifer Winsted

Join My Respect Dare Challenge! 40 Days to a Deeper Connection with God and Your Husband!





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“A long and happy marriage.” It sounds like the end of a fairy tale—an illusion that modern times have exposed.

And it is, if marriage depends on a constant stream of romantic emotion, or even on copious amounts of time or money. Thank the Lord, none of those are necessary. Two thousand years ago, Paul gave women the key to a successful marriage, and it can be summed up in two words: unconditional respect. It’s not popular. It doesn’t sound fair. It can be hard to imagine.

But it works.

Nina Roesner has led countless women through this practical and life-changing journey, and in The Respect Dare she offers you the hope that so many others have found. Day by day, true stories and thought-provoking questions will help you apply biblical wisdom to the most important relationship in your life.

Give it forty days. Experience the intimacy God intended and discover what he can do in your heart and in your marriage when you choose to show respect his way.

Join Us:

If you would like to be part of this challenge please join us this week! I will be posting a weekly update on my journey in unconditional respect, the good moments and the challenging ones. We can all create a dialog weekly on our progress and a questions & advice, if you want is not required. My goal is to start this journey with many moms who care to become closer to their God and Husband.

“Like” our facebook page, and I will have dialog, scripture, and questions/polls for you to participate in!


Check out my first Guest Post: Time Out for Mommy: Don’s Cry Over Spilled Milk

I was very excited to have the opportunity to write an article for an amazing blog called Intoxicated on Life. The authors Luke and Trisha Gilkerson are a husband and wife duo that love to write about being a parent, healthy eating and raising a family with good christian values. Their blog includes several recipes, book reviews, breastfeeding tips, and so much more. I highly recommend you browse their site after reading my article on their page.

My article Time Out for Mommy: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk, is all about the trials of another hard day at work as a wife, mother and follower of Christ. The following is an excerpt of my article:

“I tend to let my emotions get the best of me, I battle keeping my attitude and blood pressure in check during these intense times of parenting. My mommy time out is my way of calming myself, redirecting my emotions, and looking for guidance.”


If you are a mom or know a mom who could benefit from reading this post please share it!


Click on the button below to check out my article on Intoxicated on Life.

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Armor “Me” Thursday! “Molding Mothers of the Lord” *Part 4* Nurturing

I love the fact that after last Armor “Me” Thursdays’s post on Discipline, I can talk about my most favorite aspect of being a mother….to nurture. There is nothing that I love more then to hold my child in my arms look into their eyes to tell them how much I love them and how proud they make me each day. Not only is this one of the highlights of having the most important job ever, it is a moment my child will remember, cherish and hopefully choose to continue when they reach their parenting years. Expressing our unconditional love for each other is so important. This brings me to our Mothers Power Verse:


Have you ever met a person for the first time and in 5 minutes of watching, speaking and listening to them feel incredibly inspired? The way their face glows with peace and love, their voice speaks only what is in their heart with every word being sincere. I have met many men and women who make me instantly feel good when I am around them. These people LOVE and trust God with all they have, they are not perfect and make mistakes like me and you, but they have a desire to live and love like God instructs us to do. Please print this out and post it, remembering that LOVE is something we need to express everyday to everyone.

If you open your bibles to 2 Timothy 1:7 it reads:

7 – for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

We touched on how important it is to discipline your child so they can know the difference between right and wrong. The next crucial step is to love on them with all your heart. You want to provide your child with a consistent amount of verbal support to communicate how much they really mean to you despite what mistakes they have made. In 2 Timothy we are told we need to not fear but but be in control of ourselves out of love, love that God so graciously gifted us to use according to his purpose.

Have you heard of Willow Tree figures? I absolutely love the feelings I get when I browse through all of them in the store. Take a look at a few of these I have pictured to share with you.

willowtree1 willowtree2 willowtree3 willowtree4

Tell me that these do not pull at your heartstrings and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. They scream patience, love, and nurturing. As mothers, God has gifted us with the natural ability to be amazing nurturers. To waste a talent of that kind of importance would be tragic.

This brings me to the common mistakes we as human beings make all to often. Read the verse out of Ephesians below:


Speaking anger to or around your children is damaging them little by little. They learn so closely from us that we need to make sure we are not only speaking out of love to them, but also to others around us.


We must all truly forgive each other to truly love each other. Trust that you can give your children the freedom to fail, as God does for us. Trust that you can accept your children for all the specific talents God has chosen to give them. Lastly, trust that you can give them the affection they deserve using your unconditional love.

The worksheet for this lesson is accessible HERE: ArmorMe Worksheet4

Armor “Me” Thursday! “Molding Mothers of the Lord” *Part 3* Discipline is a MUST

The word discipline can mean so many things to so many people. It is also a subject that can be very controversial in our world today. It is either an important practice in homes today, non existent  or just down right inappropriate. Thousands of opinions and theories crowd the bookstore shelves everyday trying to convince you that their way is the best way, when in retrospect the bible contains a wealth of information on how to properly discipline our children. Discipline is a hard subject to touch briefly as it contains so much emotion for the parents involved. This brings me to our Mom’s Power Verse of the Day:


I chose this verse because so many times we have fear in making the wrong decision when it comes to disciplining our children, we need to know that God is with us in all our decisions as long as we ask him for guidance. God will continue to strengthen us as a parent and help us love our children through the discipline he teaches us is right and appropriate. Please take the time to print this verse out and post it for your daily reminder, it only will bring peace to your soul in hard times.

I have covered many important parts of parenting including being available and involved in your child’s life. Teaching and training your child is unbelievably important in their understanding of why we do the things we do, and to display how much God loves us and impacts our life. Today I am going to cover discipline, a step that cannot be skipped and must be included in teaching your children that there are lines they do not cross. If you read in Hebrews 12:5-11 :


And have you completely forgotten this word of encouragement that addresses you as a father addresses his son? It says,

“My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline,
    and do not lose heart when he rebukes you,
because the Lord disciplines the one he loves,
    and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.”

Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as his children. For what children are not disciplined by their father? If you are not disciplined—and everyone undergoes discipline—then you are not legitimate, not true sons and daughters at all. Moreover, we have all had human fathers who disciplined us and we respected them for it. How much more should we submit to the Father of spirits and live! 10 They disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, in order that we may share in his holiness. 11 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.


Wow, what a powerful set of verses. We have to remember as parents we are really raising God’s children and we need to follow his instruction on how to raise them. In reading over these verses I looked it up in my Life Application Bible and read an important question to ask yourself.  Who loves his child more – a father who allows the child to do what will harm him, or the one who corrects, trains, and even punishes the child to help him learn what is right? As an adult God corrects and disciplines us in various ways, as we are all still learning how to live by his word and spread only his glory. As a parent we must discipline our children when they need corrected and do it in such a way that they understand what they did was harming them.


Reading on in Proverbs the term “The rod of discipline” is mentioned many times. This just simply stands for all the different forms of discipline or training you can use. One of my favorite verses is Proverbs 22:15:

Folly is bound up in the heart of a child,
    but the rod of discipline will drive it far away.

Young children are learning so much, that sometimes they have no idea what they want to do will hurt them. May it be the glow of a bright red burner on the stove that lures them in by its beauty, a stray dog that looks like it just needs a hug or a random person offering a piece of candy, a child is not going to know what is right or wrong unless you teach them. Children do foolish things that bring them danger simply because they don’t understand what could happen to them. We must make our kids conscious of what is right and wrong at all ages.

This brings me to my last verse for you to ponder. Proverbs 23:13-14:

Do not withhold discipline from a child;
    if you punish them with the rod, they will not die.
 Punish them with the rod
    and save them from death.

Do not be one of those parents reluctant to discipline their child fearing that you will grow apart or not be trusted by them, be the parent that is preventing them from making foolish decisions in the future. Ask yourself if you have made an honest effort to show your children loving, consistent discipline as God instructs us to do.


 The worksheet for this lesson is accessible HERE.    ArmorMe Worksheet3

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Armor “Me” Thursday! “Molding Mothers of the Lord” ~ *Part 2* Teaching & Training your Children to live for the Lord

As if us mothers didn’t have enough to accomplish in the day just keeping our children alive, we also need to deliver the word of God to them in the most creative of ways. I for one find just the household chores someday’s enough to send me over the ledge, add a cranky two year old, fighting 7 and 12 year old and a barking dog into that equation and we are going to have an epic meltdown. Often, I feel like I need to attend a class to harness my erratic emotions my surroundings in my own home cause me. This brings me to our Mom’s Power Verse of the Day:


I chose this verse for several reasons. One, I should be joyful always for the blessings I have including my fighting children, barking dog and a house that can be a mess. Two, I need to pray continually to thank God for everything he provides for my family, to ask for help in any area of my life that is burdening me, and to pray for others that may be in need of his unforgiving love. Three, I need to be continually thanking him even in the worse of situations since he has a greater purpose I cannot even begin to understand. Please take the time to print out the worksheet I provide for you so you can post this scripture with your other verse from last Thursday (posted at the end of the devotion). This method really does work in memorization & motivation throughout your day.

If I were to ask you what you currently do to educate your children on God’s long history of good works, what would you say? Are you making an honest attempt other then dropping them off at Sunday school or youth group? If you open your bibles to Psalm 78:5-6 it tells of God’s commandment to us as parents to share the stories of his incredible life changing work to our children, so then they can pass it on to future generations. This is not a commandment we should take lightly, religious education for our children is so important in the molding of what kind of person they  (God’s children) grow up to be.  Again in Deuteronomy 4:10 God states  “Assemble the people before me to hear my words so that they may learn to revere me as long as they live in the land and may teach them to their children”. This again reiterates that we need to pass this knowledge on to our children. Now that we know how important it is to teach our children, there is an crucial element you as a parent must do first to be successful. Colossians 1:28-29 is so important I would like you to focus on this scripture for a few minutes:

28 He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ. 29 To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.

I don’t know about you but that is telling me that without his strength, and wisdom I cannot teach. We need God’s help, we will eventually fail without it. His strength, mercy, forgiveness, guidance and love is all attributes we need to strive to achieve through him and only him. Throw your pride and fear out of the window, because with God on our side we will learn daily and be motivated by his love and only grow closer to him. Teach your children God’s word.

When you start any new job, you need to be taught how to cope with the tasks required. Along with learning the ropes of the position you are also being trained. The definition of training is:

The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior.

We see the word teaching in that definition. This shows us how important teaching is before you begin training. Your child must understand what the purpose of the training is. I certainly wouldn’t want to go into a place and be told what and how to do something and not expect a clear answer to why they have those expectations. If you look at Proverbs 22:6 it reads: “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.”  The phrase “in the way he should go” means that you must know your child’s natural abilities, level of understanding and train him/her according to those. We must remember God gives us all specific gifts and we must embrace those gifts that he has built into our children. Don’t scorn their individuality or style, encourage it if they can use it to become closer to God or educate others on his word.

Combining teaching and training on a daily basis is so crucial to bringing up Godly children. So the hard part is how on earth do I accomplish all of  that while maintaining a job, house, a husband and myself when I barely have enough time for that? I have a list of 10 quick ways you can teach and train your small child in under 5 minutes each! Check them out!

  1. Pray daily before your family meals together.
  2. Read one small paragraph a day from their bible.
  3. Have color sheets on hand illustrating a story from the bible.
  4. Have them watch a cartoon such as veggie tales or Hermie, by Max Lucado.
  5. When driving point out how beautiful the scenery is and thank God for creating such a beautiful place.
  6. Pray for the needy.
  7. Music is huge for kids, purchase a cd with songs or hymns with scripture or stories for them to listen to.
  8. Felt story boards with bible characters cut out helps them learn visually while you tell a story.
  9. At night ask them what God blessed them with that day, you will get the funniest answers that are straight from their heart.
  10. Look at your child, and tell them how you thank God everyday for blessing you with being chosen to be their mom.

If you have an older child these ideas are great to incorporate in their daily lives:

  1. Pray before bedtime.
  2. Keep a prayer journal to write down what they pray about and then they can look back and highlight what God had helped them with. Such a great way to affirm that God is listening to them.
  3. Have them choose a friend to pray for each day, and have them explain to you why they feel they needed extra prayer.
  4. Let them choose a scripture a week to memorize, just one. Have them post it by their bed or on their desk for daily reminders.
  5. Soap journal, pick a scripture, observe it, apply it and pray about it. Wayne Cordeiro has created special journals just for teens.
  6. Music is huge to kids this age and they can pick any genre and find christian music they are sure to love with great story lines.
  7. As we pick them up from church ask them what they learned and did, make a special effort to take an interest in what is going on.
  8. Encourage them to use the strengths and skills God has graced them with, and make sure they know who gets the credit.
  9. Always be watching decisions they make and as they fail, lift them up in prayer together and talk about how it could have been handled differently.
  10. Same as above: Look at your child, and tell them how you thank God everyday for blessing you with being chosen to be their mom. They are never to old to hear that.

No matter how busy life is you can always find time to educate your children, and the basis of all you teach should be God’s word.

My youngest daughter at One year old.

My youngest daughter at One year old.

The worksheet for this lesson is accessible HERE.  ArmorMe Worksheet2