Do You Loose Your Way?



Do you ever just sit back and start to contemplate what you really want out of life? As you grow older, get married and have kids your dreams seem to shift courses according to which route in life you choose to take. Many of the people in your life seem to come and go, true friends and family are the ones that are there for you always. I often look back at my journal entries and see how many times my dreams have changed course. I am never discouraged when I see that I didn’t follow through with one or another, because the reason my goal had shifted course was usually a blessing. I have failed and I have succeeded at things, but my failures have only been lessons learned for the future. I have so many things to contemplate, but one of my most amazing decisions was to be home with my kids.  Sure it is not for all mom’s or families..It is not easy, my struggles include financial hardships. We choose to live with a very limited income so I can raise our children. I also choose to try and deal with not being that friend that can go shopping all the time, do coffee dates, have a new hair style, or be the most fashionably dressed. The most amazing thing about when I start to feel down about these issues, is that God works through my children to re direct my negative thoughts to help me recognize what my dream always was and is still today. I wanted to share a glimpse of my morning with you.


The sound of the dryer tossing heavy wet jeans is what I am used to hearing in the morning. Big kids are off to school, excited there are only 3 more days of school left before spring break. Just as I sit down for a little me time with my rather large cup of coffee I hear a door knob turn behind me. I glance around and see a 3 year old little girl wearing the cutest super man pajamas, only one sock and a huge wad of matted hair in the back of her head. Walking toward me with the biggest smile, almost as if she hadn’t seen me for days. I scoop her up into my arms and sit her on my lap telling her good morning like I do everyday. I always ask her if she slept good and if she had any dreams. Her response this morning was delivered with a sweet smile and a bright set of eyes ” I dreamed a good dream all about my family, we went camping and I caught a fish all by myself”. I told her that dream did sound pretty good, and this summer we would take her to catch her first fish. I sat her down on the couch, tucked a blanket around her and told her I would make her some breakfast, blueberry yogurt and a banana. She then stretched her arms out, wrapped them around my neck, kissed me on the cheek and said ” Your the best mommy ever in the world”. This was my defining moment I needed, my heart melted and I realized I am right where God wants me no matter what trials or sacrifices we need to make. Home with my children is my dream, sometimes cluttered with worldly ways, God always seems to remind me what is really important.

Will I loose my way again? I am sure of it..but I cannot wait to see how God works through my kids to remind me again!



Poem: A Single Word Spoken

I am no poet, yet I love poetry and wrote so much of it when I was a kid. Today I felt inspired to get some thoughts out of my head, and decided to write them in a form that I am not so familiar with. You can interpret this poem in many ways, maybe even relate to it in one way or another. This poem is titled:

A Single Word Spoken

A single word spoken can have so much effect, I often wonder if the weight will ever be left.

Tears of sadness are filled with such love, why cant I make a difference?… help them rise above?

Disaster the worldly ways spread, it is like a punch in the face if no common sense is fed.

Pain creates fear, emotions like fire, please Lord help me with whatever it is you desire.

Your path is what I choose it is not easy to abide, but please help me put my selfishness aside.

Memories are made they will not disappear, I just don’t understand how any goodness can reveal.

Contemplating all the options that may heal, I am lost in the translation of how this is so real.

Happiness can be such a wonderful place, give God the reigns and he will wipe the tear from your face.

Controlling the situation is no longer an option, as the Lord’s grace is already in motion.

Even though I feel it is not fair, all I can do is fall to my knees in prayer.

Thank my father oh holy and just, to please patch the hole in my heart just this once.

The lasting effects of others choices will be there, let me handle them with grace and love… handing them to you with care.

For your hands bare such strength, my love for you is of the utmost importance it is you whom I have faith.

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Seriously..I Have To Wash These Dishes By Hand?

Do you argue with yourself in the morning before you even step out of bed?    Examples:

Wake up promptly when your alarm goes off to get a good start on your day. -VS- Press snooze just one more time (after 4 times of pushing it, which then quickly accumulates to 30 minutes) because I really deserve a few more minutes of sleep.

My bed is so comfortable and warm. -VS- The house is so cold I don’t think I can even attempt to stick my leg out of the blankets without catching a cold.

This morning was no different for me. I was exhausted, cold and not having the best outlook on the day ahead of me. Once I was up and started sipping my coffee things got a little easier. Kids were up, fed and off to school without a hitch, my day was turning around and it was only 8 am! That is until I decided to get some housework done and realized my dishwasher was broke and I had a pile of dishes that were not going to clean themselves. SERIOUSLY?? I have to wash these dishes by hand…by myself..


This image, was the perfect picture of what I was feeling. The only thing different is I was saying these words out loud. today…why, why, why, why?

After carefully staring at the broken dishwasher and dirty dishes for about 5 minutes and coming to the realization that they were not going anywhere, I began to fill up the sink with soapy water…(just saying that, I feel so nostalgic)


Out of the corner of my eye I saw my nook tablet sitting on the counter and I decided to turn a little Pandora music on to add a little mood to my sad sob story. Instead, to my surprise it was set to my station Worship You Forever Radio.  I am telling you…Casting Crowns came on and before I knew it I was washing dishes like a mad women. Right in the middle of my jam, Kaydence (my 3 year old daughter) came up to me and said “Mommy, why you playing in the sink? Can I play with you?” Glancing down at her and thinking about her outlook on what was just a moment ago something I was going to make completely ruin my day, was amazing. In her eyes there was no troubles, just mommy having fun playing…the more I think back on it she knew exactly what I needed to hear.

God is so amazing how he works through everything, including my 3 year old this morning. Her fun loving worry free outlook is exactly how I would feel if I were putting my burdens on the lord consistently. Wow, what an amazing feeling it must be!

Please go out today, and find that peace. Do not let the worries of your day hinder how important it is to look at the brighter side of your life, and all your current blessings.


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10 Ways To Take Your Days At Home From Boring Routine To Exciting & Serene!

Why is it that every morning takes me by surprise  as if I thought it was going to be totally different? The same boring routine, every day. It is almost like I am forced to go through with it like it is a life sentence  After careful reflection on the reasoning to why I have ended up in this almost “by the book” routine, I felt totally out of control, but why? I am in control of my choices what is holding me back? I will tell you NOTHING but myself and lack of motivation. So, lets go over some ideas to spice up your regular housewife, full time mother days and turn them into your own homemade version of a bravo real housewives lifestyle, just a bit more private and minus the drama.

First and foremost, set some goals. Household goals and personal goals that you would like to reach. Abide by them, you must first get control over your house, meaning organization. If you are anything like me you cannot relax in a messy house. Your home needs to be your special resting place not only for you but for your family. Once that is in place here are some easy affordable ideas to spice up your days at home.

Click on the Images below to get step by step instructions!

Idea #1 ~ Get Healthy, Simple Exercise Ideas;

Try this simple workout program suggested by Women’s Health Magazine: Chris Powell, from the ABC hit show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition takes us through a 5 month total body transformation.


Idea #2 ~Start A Beauty Regimen;

Here are a few examples of some great beauty ideas you can do regularly to help you feel better about yourself and your body.

Lemon & Honey, Pore Cleansing, Moisturizing Regimen from Stylebees website  This is something I have personally tried, it is easy and it works!


How about a simple Detoxification Bath, using 2 simple ingredients Epsom Salts & Baking Soda from Healthy Living.


7 Do It Yourself Body Scrub Recipes from Chick Rx, pick your favorite!


Idea #3 ~ Challenge Yourself For Someone Else;

Step out of your comfort zone and try a self improvement challenge, this particular one I am going through right now.


Idea #4 ~ Craft Time, choose a craft that is simple, and beautiful for you or your home.

This simple idea by The Purple Carrot will have guests applauding your creativity!


Or you can try something a little more time consuming like this;

Pick out some affordable frames, and some of your favorite scrapbook paper and frame it for a unique look in any room!


Idea #5 ~ Try A New Makeup Application Method, or Tip;

Try this Nude Smokey Eye Tutorial by Make-Up Artist Me!


Or try out a new nail look, you can do all by yourself!


Idea #6 ~ Create A New Look Using your Hair!

You could go with a look that is up or down, this site has so many to choose from. Try a simple one first then the next week learn a more difficult one!


Idea #7 ~ Start Planning to Create A Special Place Just For You!

Find a spot in the house that you can create a relaxing place just for you to enjoy! Check out this Idea from apprentice extrovert for an outside spot!


Or this idea from the Glass Doctor, simple and easy mess free Bathroom Remodel Ideas! I know I enjoy my time alone in the bubble bath, let make it more relaxing with these ideas.


Idea #8 ~ Whip Up Something Healthy and Yummy!

It is time to try a new recipe, check out this great site for 7 easy healthy slow cooker recipes for your family. I know I love my crock pot but always cook the same things in it. Let’s be adventurous and try something new!


Idea #9 ~ Join A Book Club!

A book club is a great way to learn, and meet new women with constructive communication. This book club Hope For the Weary Mom has caught my eye. I just may try it, check it out for yourself!


Idea #10 ~ BLOG!

Either create your own or Follow some of your favorites. They are a great way to feel involved, share stories from other women that may be in the same walk of life as you. There are many ways to find blogs to follow, you can Google your interests or get on Mom Central for a list and description of hundreds of blogs out there to follow!


These 10 ideas can really help bring some excitement to your days, as well as adding some peace and serenity. I dont know about you but it sure sounds like something I cant wait to wake up to!

If you have an additional idea to add to my list please share it below.