Myself, My Purpose, My Life

Journaling thoughts, memories, and true feelings of motherhood and daily life for me is categorized in my life as a hobby. I enjoy the time alone I get to put all the words, thoughts, and pictures in my head down on good old-fashioned paper. I have been doing this for a while now and after reading some to my husband he felt that so many other parents can find truth in so many of my entries. In all my writings I found a similarity to my style, I like to laugh, cherish, and count my blessings everyday, even when they don’t seem like a blessing. God works in so many ways in all of our lives and recording these on paper and then looking back on them is an amazing affirmation of what is going exactly right in my life. I envision my journal as my armor, when I feel down or loosing confidence in what I am doing for my family on a daily basis, I look back at some of the memories I created for my family and bask in those for a short time resulting in a refreshed, renewed spirit that no one can destroy. A Mothers Heavenly Armor is a place I can record my thoughts and entries from my journal in the hopes that one person who is questioning their role in the home, as a wife, or a mother for a split second can see that they are not alone.  ~ Jennifer Winsted


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