I am a Christian, married; mother of 3..I am pretty dangerous.

Today, the day before Election Day I awoke feeling empowered.  My feelings of empowerment are not motivated by trusting that my voice will actually be heard this voting season. See, I am a Christian, married; mother of 3 who teaches at a private Christian school. I am all too often cast into the unrealistic dark shadows of society.  I mean I am pretty dangerous…I believe in One Man One Women, Abortion is Murder, Pro Death Penalty, Small Government, Anti Union, The Right To Bear Arms…heck I am even Pro Pledge Of Allegiance…I could go on and on. Whew, now that I have some of your feathers in a ruffle, how about an attack on Common Core ideals?

Living in Oregon, opening my ballot is nothing but discouraging. The fact that every candidate I can vote on upholds absolutely no moral values that align with mine. It sure makes it hard to pencil in a bubble beside any name at all. Moving on to the ballot measures only makes my already low blood pressure rise through the roof. Every measure is not an improvement, it’s a disgrace. Unfortunately, “empowered” is not a feeling I had at that moment in time. My RIGHT to vote felt like a punishment, I had a flashback of when I was younger and slammed my door behind me when my parents grounded me. There was no way out of the punishment, I just had to figure out how to deal with it and move on. So as I sit here having already turned in my ballot over a week ago, I think of those of you women who have not voted yet. Those of you women who are just like me, discouraged at today’s world, and their view of Godly women who care for their families above their incomes or career.”Liberated” women are not afraid to shut down our vote; they have become a worldly voice for young women. Let today, the day before Election Day be your empowerment day!

Empower other women in not being afraid to vote when they are feeling defeated already. Empower them to be proud of their lifestyle and priorities. Empower them to share their faith in God and love for family.

We may not be able to get the majority vote, but you may change a life or a view and bring confidence to a women’s life that needs it desperately. Don’t give up on your voice, your faith, your family and your morals. Share this if you are EMPOWERED!



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