I Must Pull My Head Out Of The Mud & Carry On!

Lately I have been doing a lot of soul searching, in the midst of how crazy the world is changing, how quick my kids seem to be growing and how much of a passion I obtain for speaking God’s word, specifically to women and mothers. I have many goals that are ever changing, but the wonderful aspect about the way they are changing is that they are all becoming heavy on my heart to complete.

My days are full of up’s and downs of daily life, things change minute after minute. I get discouraged often, I can almost feel the devil tripping me up and stomping my face into the mud. Sometimes I think I should just give up, as much of my dreams are so time consuming, detailed and seem so far away. Then the other day I came across these words of wisdom…



Then I begin to contemplate if my dreams are just wishes I cannot achieve…I loose focus on the dreams and focus on the fact that these are just wishes left un-granted… My vision needs to focus more on the Dream…

images (13)

Lastly, I need to realize to achieve my best I need to take it step by step, figuring out I cannot accomplish it in a small amount of time. In this journey, I should be the driver not the passenger.

images (12)

Sometime’s I find it funny that I want to be an inspiration to women out there, when I am constantly seeking wisdom from others. Can I  be a great leader, speaker, and writer when I feel part of me is still broken in ways? I guess the answer to that will show in my future..but first I need to pull my head out of that mud and carry on, knowing I have a God that believes in me and you.


3 thoughts on “I Must Pull My Head Out Of The Mud & Carry On!

  1. I don’t think your journey has to come to an end in order for you to inspire others. As a species, we are constantly evolving and making new discoveries. Instead of focusing on the big picture and worrying about whether or not you can achieve your goals, focus on one day at a time and in time everything will fall into place.

  2. It’s never too late! I try desperately to rely on God and not my own understanding. There are plenty of times when I think “oops, that opportunity has come and gone”, even if in my mind it seems perfectly logical and at other times, illogical. I had plenty of dreams before kids and marriage and at times feel like those dreams were pointless…but they are not.

    We are given talents and inspirations for a reason…how they factor into our lives may remain a mystery for a while. No matter what, don’t let go of your faith that your dreams will come true 🙂

  3. I have found that I have been able to accomplish everything that I have set out to do that is worth accomplishing. If I do not finish something, then it probably wasn’t worth it to begin with.

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