Do You Believe The Perception Of Beauty Is A Moral Test?




How do you feel about this quote? I completely believe that beauty is a perception issue, that lies on your moral beliefs. Over the past few days I have read many postings and opinions on Victoria Secrets new line titled “Bright Young Things”. This is after spending last Saturday with my 12 year old daughter at a Revolve Tour put on by Women of Faith. I came out of this day with so many amazing notes and insight on how my daughter thinks, what she is prone to think and society’s take on how she should behave or dress. I also walked away with a new sense of how amazing we should make our daughters feel. Christa Black was one of the speakers that had an amazing testimony on how teen’s see themselves, and how she overcame such large obstacles in her life. She spoke the meaning of unconditional love, and how we all crave love as women and how “you are what you think”. Her words rang so true, if you have people you love and care about “bathing” them in lovely truths about themselves (she calls these truth baths) they are going to know they are worthy of love, even if some people don’t treat them like it or if society doesn’t label what you are wearing as “fashionable or sexy”. Telling the young women around you how wonderful, beautiful, smart, joyous and lovable they are is “worth more then gold” as Britt Nicole would say. 

I would say that reading the articles that have been written in the press about this new VS line surprised me, but it didn’t. I could blame that company for putting these products out there for my two daughters to be tempted to purchase, or my young son to observe and worship..but I am not. I could talk all day about how the media and retail industries thrive on the innocence of these young ladies and men but it is old news. My bottom line is this will not stop, it will only get worse. Call it a bad attitude, a losing mentality or laziness…the line needs to be drawn with the parents educating their children on these issues. To build up there moral character, teach them right from wrong, show them that that attention is not flattering to them. Bring them up in an environment where they know their worth and that they are WORLD CHANGERS. All of our children will be tempted at points in their life, but it will be what they are brought up to believe that will influence them to make the right choices, choices God has influenced them to make. I believe you will behave according to what you believe on the most part, do you?

I will close with this last question..that will let you reflect on this issue more personally.





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