Do You Loose Your Way?



Do you ever just sit back and start to contemplate what you really want out of life? As you grow older, get married and have kids your dreams seem to shift courses according to which route in life you choose to take. Many of the people in your life seem to come and go, true friends and family are the ones that are there for you always. I often look back at my journal entries and see how many times my dreams have changed course. I am never discouraged when I see that I didn’t follow through with one or another, because the reason my goal had shifted course was usually a blessing. I have failed and I have succeeded at things, but my failures have only been lessons learned for the future. I have so many things to contemplate, but one of my most amazing decisions was to be home with my kids.  Sure it is not for all mom’s or families..It is not easy, my struggles include financial hardships. We choose to live with a very limited income so I can raise our children. I also choose to try and deal with not being that friend that can go shopping all the time, do coffee dates, have a new hair style, or be the most fashionably dressed. The most amazing thing about when I start to feel down about these issues, is that God works through my children to re direct my negative thoughts to help me recognize what my dream always was and is still today. I wanted to share a glimpse of my morning with you.


The sound of the dryer tossing heavy wet jeans is what I am used to hearing in the morning. Big kids are off to school, excited there are only 3 more days of school left before spring break. Just as I sit down for a little me time with my rather large cup of coffee I hear a door knob turn behind me. I glance around and see a 3 year old little girl wearing the cutest super man pajamas, only one sock and a huge wad of matted hair in the back of her head. Walking toward me with the biggest smile, almost as if she hadn’t seen me for days. I scoop her up into my arms and sit her on my lap telling her good morning like I do everyday. I always ask her if she slept good and if she had any dreams. Her response this morning was delivered with a sweet smile and a bright set of eyes ” I dreamed a good dream all about my family, we went camping and I caught a fish all by myself”. I told her that dream did sound pretty good, and this summer we would take her to catch her first fish. I sat her down on the couch, tucked a blanket around her and told her I would make her some breakfast, blueberry yogurt and a banana. She then stretched her arms out, wrapped them around my neck, kissed me on the cheek and said ” Your the best mommy ever in the world”. This was my defining moment I needed, my heart melted and I realized I am right where God wants me no matter what trials or sacrifices we need to make. Home with my children is my dream, sometimes cluttered with worldly ways, God always seems to remind me what is really important.

Will I loose my way again? I am sure of it..but I cannot wait to see how God works through my kids to remind me again!



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