Seriously..I Have To Wash These Dishes By Hand?

Do you argue with yourself in the morning before you even step out of bed?    Examples:

Wake up promptly when your alarm goes off to get a good start on your day. -VS- Press snooze just one more time (after 4 times of pushing it, which then quickly accumulates to 30 minutes) because I really deserve a few more minutes of sleep.

My bed is so comfortable and warm. -VS- The house is so cold I don’t think I can even attempt to stick my leg out of the blankets without catching a cold.

This morning was no different for me. I was exhausted, cold and not having the best outlook on the day ahead of me. Once I was up and started sipping my coffee things got a little easier. Kids were up, fed and off to school without a hitch, my day was turning around and it was only 8 am! That is until I decided to get some housework done and realized my dishwasher was broke and I had a pile of dishes that were not going to clean themselves. SERIOUSLY?? I have to wash these dishes by hand…by myself..


This image, was the perfect picture of what I was feeling. The only thing different is I was saying these words out loud. today…why, why, why, why?

After carefully staring at the broken dishwasher and dirty dishes for about 5 minutes and coming to the realization that they were not going anywhere, I began to fill up the sink with soapy water…(just saying that, I feel so nostalgic)


Out of the corner of my eye I saw my nook tablet sitting on the counter and I decided to turn a little Pandora music on to add a little mood to my sad sob story. Instead, to my surprise it was set to my station Worship You Forever Radio.  I am telling you…Casting Crowns came on and before I knew it I was washing dishes like a mad women. Right in the middle of my jam, Kaydence (my 3 year old daughter) came up to me and said “Mommy, why you playing in the sink? Can I play with you?” Glancing down at her and thinking about her outlook on what was just a moment ago something I was going to make completely ruin my day, was amazing. In her eyes there was no troubles, just mommy having fun playing…the more I think back on it she knew exactly what I needed to hear.

God is so amazing how he works through everything, including my 3 year old this morning. Her fun loving worry free outlook is exactly how I would feel if I were putting my burdens on the lord consistently. Wow, what an amazing feeling it must be!

Please go out today, and find that peace. Do not let the worries of your day hinder how important it is to look at the brighter side of your life, and all your current blessings.



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